Tokboard (formerly known as Tiktometer until I started getting legal threats from ByteDance) monitors past and present trends on TikTok.

This website is not affiliated with or endorsed by TikTok or ByteDance Ltd!

Tokboard is powered by a data-collection engine which is constantly fetching data from the TikTok platform. The database now contains data points for more than 80 million top videos and 5 million users, taking up more than 50 gigabytes for metadata alone.

As TikTok is extremely large, we cannot pull 100% of its data but instead keep a subset of the popular videos for top sounds. As a result, the play counts we display should be thought of as a close lower bound (we estimate the videos which we index account for more than 96% of the total play counts).

As of June 2020, this website is under active development and new features should come periodically so be sure to check back later.

If you have a feature suggestion, comment, bug report, or data request, please email [email protected].